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A Healthy Puppy

We start with health tested parents and use industry best practices throughout the breeding process. We coordinate our efforts with our veterinarian, government agencies, and leading industry associations, to ensure your puppy is healthy and ready to join your loving family for a long time.

A Properly Handled Puppy

The BioSensory program we begin when each puppy is 3-days-old, combined with our family-style home routine while puppies stay with us during their first two months, ensures your puppy will easily acclimate to its new forever home with your family.

A Puppy Ready For Training

Good dog behavior is the key to keeping your household happy. Because we introduce your puppy to hearing the commands they’ll need to follow throughout their life, you’ll have a much easier time training your dog than if you had to start from scratch. When you use the same AAVSB-approved training program we use and recommend, the process is easy.


A New Family Member To Love

Adding a new member to your family is one of life’s great moments. A new puppy brings so much love and joy into a home—and into the hearts of all who live in it. If your family is ready to expand the love and joy in your home and hearts, contact us today for a happier tomorrow!

Cute Cavapoo puppy.

Responsible breeding is Rule #1 at Woodland Family Pets.

OFA Certified Pets
We OFA Certify Our 1-Year-Old Pets
Here at Woodland Family Pets, we are dedicated to bringing you top quality, healthy, and happy puppies.

We select all of our adult pets from parents that have been checked by a veterinarian and do not have any genetic health issues. Once our pets are 1-year-old, we OFA certify them to be clear of luxating patellas and heart murmurs.

All of our pets are seen by our attending veterinarian frequently throughout the year to provide physical exams and needed vaccinations.

Sensory & Social Development Of Your Puppy

When our puppies are 3 days old, we begin a 2-week Bio-Sensory program. After that, our daughters are their favorite playmates until each puppy finds a new home. Our puppies are exposed to numerous different surfaces, people, toys and obstacles.

We follow our veterinarian’s vaccination and deworming protocol, so our puppies are always up-to-date for all of their shots and deworming. We are licensed and regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Indiana Board of Animal Health )IN-BOAH). We are also active members of the Indiana Council for Animal Welfare (ICAW). The USDA and ICAW visit us annually to perform an on-site compliance inspection.

Become Better Best Friends® Forever with Easy Training

Bringing a new new member into your family home is a major decision, so we always follow veterinarian-approved methods to breed and raise our puppies and dogs.

We treat and train our pets with love and care, using the positive reinforcement principles and trademarked My K9 Behaves® training methods of the Good Dog! ONE-der Class® by Donna Chandler. This puppy training class is available with all of our puppies, so you’ll have proper guidance about potty training and much more as soon as you receive your puppy—and whenever you need it after that.

This family-friendly 24/7 online video training class is easy to understand and teach to your puppy—even for kids!

Because Donna Chandler is one of the nation’s foremost canine behavior specialists and her course covers everything you need to know about dog training and ownership, it’s also approved for veterinarian Continuing Education credits certified by the American Association of Veterinarian State Boards (AAVSB).

We follow Donna’s puppy-handling protocols and we recommend you purchase the full version of her class, so you can continue teaching your puppy all of the commands needed to develop good dog behavior for life. The online class is always available on any web-connected device!

More Love & Happiness For Your Family

You can be sure when you bring home a puppy from Woodland Family Pets, you’re bringing home a healthy and well-raised dog who will be around for a long lifetime of love and happiness. You’ll quickly become Better Best Friends® forever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing Your Puppy

Yes, we can send more photos or a video, although it may take up to 48 hours to receive them.

If the puppy you’re buying is 4-months-old or older, you are welcome to bring your pets along. For a younger puppy, we ask that you leave your pets at home.

Our puppies are fed Royal Canin Mini Starter and our adults eat Royal Canin Mini Adult.

Purchasing Your Puppy

Your puppy will have a health exam by our veterinarian, be microchipped, and comes with a 2-year health guarantee. Your puppy will have limited AKC registration. (Full registration is available for most puppies at an additional cost.) You’ll also receive a puppy-food starter kit, along with a toy the puppy is already familiar with.

If you pick your puppy up at our home in Indiana or if the sale is in Indiana, we’re required to charge 7% sales tax. Shipping a puppy costs $450.

We require cash when picking up the puppy. If we ship the puppy, PayPal is accepted.

Receiving & Raising Your Puppy

A puppy can go to its new home after it is 8-weeks-old, unless it weighs less than 2 pounds. It will then have to wait until it reaches 2 pounds or is 12-weeks-old.

With full registration, the puppy may compete in conformation shows and be used for breeding. With limited registration, a dog may not compete in conformation shows or be eligible for breeding.

After our 3-day-old puppies complete their 2-week BioSensory program, they are handled according to the techniques we’ve learned from Donna Chandler. We recommend you purchase the full version of Donna’s easy-to-use and family-friendly 24/7 online puppy training video class, to continue the same veterinarian-approved method your puppy already knows.

Our puppies are responsibly bred and raised. Member of the Indiana Commission for Animal Welfare (ICAW). Licensed by the USDA and the State of Indiana.