Step-By-Step Process To Bring Your Puppy Home

6 simple steps to adopt and connect with your new family member.


Step 1 – Choose a Puppy

View our selection of Available Puppies , then tell us which adorable puppy you want (we are willing to help you with this). When you decide which puppy you want to adopt, contact us with your name, email address, phone #, home address, and the airport at which you want to pick-up your puppy (plus any questions we might have). Check out our FAQ for more info.

Step 2 – Connect With Us

We’ll respond to your inquiry within 24 hours with the shipping or pick-up date, the vet exam report, the total price, the answers to your questions, and any other questions we might have. We will require a $300 deposit to hold a puppy for you.

Step 3 – Sign Agreement

We’ll send to you the purchase agreement / health guarantee to sign and return to us.

Step 4 – Pay Balance

If we are shipping your puppy to you, you’ll send the remaining balance to us via PayPal. If we are not shipping, you’ll pay the balance in cash when you pick-up your new family member in the northern region of Indiana, between Elkhart and Fort Wayne.

Step 5 – Pick-up Puppy

We’ll take your puppy to the airport or ground transporter, along with its starter kit, toy, and all of the paperwork. You’ll need to call us when your puppy arrives at the designated destination.

Step 6 – Take Puppy To Vet

We require that you take your new puppy to your veterinarian for an exam within 5 days, for your Health Guarantee to be valid. We will then call you to check on how your new puppy has adjusted to its new home.



Online Video Class Available 24/7 to Fit Your Family’s Busy Schedule

Donna Chandler is one of the nation’s foremost canine behavior specialists. Her revolutionary Good Dog! ONE-der Class® video training course is always available and easy to use at home or on any web-connected mobile device. And you can connect with Donna if you have questions throughout the training process.

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Veterinarian Approved + Family Friendly Class = Good Dog! Behavior

Donna’s training method is certified for veterinarians nationwide to earn Continuing Education credits. The course includes lessons and commands that are easy for both adults and children to learn and then teach to your puppy. Your daily interactions and positive reinforcement leads to a lifetime of Good Dog! behavior.

Learn More: Puppy & Dog Training

Let’s make a connection.