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Hello Darral and family!

She had no issues at all during the trip and I made sure she had water during the flights and food during the layovers as well as a trip or two to the pet relief areas in both airports. She is a smart little monkey and has adapted extremely well to her new surroundings. She has beds around the house, plenty of toys, learned quickly where her food and water bowls are, and is having a great time exploring and playing in her new home. The day after we got back, I decided the first order of the day was a hair cut so that she would not suffocate in the 90+ degree heat. Below is a picture of when we First got home, running in the back yard, exploring everything. She is racing around here, picking up toys and shaking them, running into the yard with them, and generally having a big celebration of life! Thank you for this gift. She is a beautiful girl and a joyful addition to our lives. And she tells everyone now that she is “They Call Me The Red Rocker’s Daughter!”


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